The Children's Center would not be a success without the support of our donors. Thank you "Friends" for helping CCCB continue to offer quality programs to low income families in the Cicero-Berwyn community. Meet our friends and learn how to become one too!

Fantastic FriendsĀ 
(Donate $500 +)
Mr. & Mrs. James Botana
Clement Presbyterian Church
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Geringer
Kris & Tom Hegner
Mr & Mrs Jason Jacobs
Judge Christy & Mrs. Rita Berkos
Special Friends
(Donate $250-$499)
Mr. & Mrs. Lunon
Sonia Arvanitis
Dear Friend
(Donate $100-$249)
Marge Cieslewicz
Mary Ann Kratochvil
Shirley Nausieda
Joe Frontier
Ed Hegner
Denise Boyle
Marcia Digweed
Mr & Mrs. Joe Harris
William and Pat Lepsi
Pat & Ken Lozzi
Mr. & Mrs. William Shaffer
Mary Louise Edwards
John J. Gubbins
Gail Rancic
Linda Budrik
Kathleen Shaw
Cynthia Mosca
Beverly Kent


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